The aSHIB token is...


Low liquidity is the biggest problem with all new token ecosystems. Without adequate liquidity, prices swing wildly and exiting a position becomes difficult or impossible. aSHIB helps stabilize other ASAs by rewarding deep liquidity with the emerging leaders in the Algorand ecosystem.


aSHIB uses machine learning and automated rebalancing to keep token prices stable and maintain adequate pool liquidity. This process benefits the entire ASA ecosystem while returning profits for pool investors


Most new ASA tokens hold back 50% or more of their treasury, often leading to token dumps and rugpulls when the token becomes valuable. aSHIB used a series of provably fair airdrops to distribute 99% of all tokens from the treasury. The aSHIB leadership can only profit if the project is successful

The aSHIB Story

Most technical projects start with a Big Idea followed by a long period of buildout and testing. aSHIB followed a different path.

aSHIB started out as a meme token created on a whim to learn more about the ASA ecosystem. Its formal name, AlgoShibaInu, was chosen to ensure it would not be mistaken for a serious project. Because it was never meant to have value, the founder created a trillion tokens and began airdropping them in batches of a billion. Within a week, over 97% of all aSHIB had been widely distributed throughout the Algorand community.

The unusually wide distribution of aSHIB meant that the coin could never be rugpulled, and that proved appealing to investors, economists, and engineers. A week after the airdrops, the creator began getting messages from other token makers and community members with ideas about how aSHIB could grow into a real project that would be both profitable to investors and beneficial to the ASA ecosystem as a whole. The team was formed, the strategy was refined, and aSHIB was born.

Don’t let the name fool you! aSHIB is not a memecoin. It’s a project with big plans that are just getting started.

aSHIB is available for purchase on the Tinyman Exchange.

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